Chatham Ecumenical Council
Helping Prevent Homelessness

Rose Clancy & the Clancy Band

September 1, 2022
St. Christopher's Episcopal Church,
625 Main Street in Chatham.

Clancy Band Benefit Concert for CECH

By Joan Aucoin

Toe-tapping applause and cheers, as Rose Clancy and the Clancy Band filled St. Christopher’s Church with music, sing-along Irish melodies, poems, stories, and jokes on September 1, all to benefit Chatham Ecumenical Council Helping Prevent Homelessness.  Rose thanked Paul Greenough and CECH Board members, St. Christopher’s Church, and the best audience for such a worthy cause.  All ticket sales went to CECH to help those in need.

Rose’s Dad, Gene Clancy charmed the audience with Father-Daughter kidding, interplay, and memorable guitar strumming songs, and harmonica, and those stories about the man in the hospital with just one more thing to say.  Gene’s “Waltz of the Years” had the audience singing along to cheers. 

Rose played solo a beautiful song she noted all will recognize from Ken Burn’s television documentaries on the Civil War.  Max Cohen, an accomplished guitar player who has toured all over the U.S. and Canada was in great voice, smiling and completely enjoying singing “Galway Girl”. Rose spoke of touring Ireland with Max and their earned laugh numbers for jokes at an Irish Pub.  Moving down the line to John Alden, Upright Bass Player, who by day is a Cape Cod cranberry farmer.  Alden sang about a Rosewood Girl and drew chuckles with his Bluegrass ditty with a touch of Mountain Dew.  

Gene’s “Waltz of the Years” ever so slow, years come, years go, stay in my arms, all through the laughter and tears, as soon as the dancing is done, the melody had just begun”…held the audience in the palm of his hand, singing along, swaying in their seats.

Rose thanked her heroes, her mother and her father Gene.  All Clancy Concerts end with “My Mother’s House”.  “There was music in my mother’s house all day long and my heart still sings that song”.  Bravo Rose, Gene, Max, and John playing with heart to benefit CECH. In tribute and gratitude to CECH founders Phyllis Tileston and the late Nancy Cole.

Sponsors included Team Guthrie Mabile, Got Stryper, Cape Cod 5 Bank, and Eldredge & Lumpkin Insurance.  The vision of CECH is to lift up neighbors by providing financial assistance to help families and individuals stay in their home.  
To Volunteer, Contribute, or Apply for financial help:
CECH, P.O. Box 81, West Chatham, MA 02669-0081.

Our Rose Clancy Concert was sponsored by the fishing charter company Got Stryper, and by Cape Cod Five, Team Guthrie Mabile/Robert Paul Realty, and Eldredge & Lumpkin Insurance.

Are you in a situation needing help?  Please click the
Get Help button to find out how to start the process for receiving a CECH grant. We are here to help!  
We will respond promptly and with compassion. 

CECH President
Mildred Hastbacka 

“Now more than ever our local communities need support systems to help our neighbors in need deal with economic issues brought on by challenging life events. For those struggling with housing issues, CECH has been, and pledges to continue to be, an active participant in that community support system. CECH's mission is accomplished through "neighbors helping neighbors," with a loyal network of volunteers and donors working together to deliver financial assistance for immediate housing-related needs as well as hope for a better tomorrow.”